Into New Mexico

September 8th, 2014

On leaving Chinlé yesterday I started falling asleep at the wheel so I took a motel room on Interstate Highway 40 as soon as I got that far.  I wanted to drive further, but it just wasn’t wise.

Today I’m refreshed and ready to travel again. This morning the sun greets me at the door:

1_sunrise looking east


Due east of here, New Mexico is calling.

I set off down highways 191…

2_down highways 191 and...

…and 180…

3_and 180

…into New Mexico…

4_into New Mexico

…with its sumptuous vistas and…

5_with its sumptuous vistas and skies

and skies…

8_of course, rainbows mean...

…full of promise.

6_full of promise...


Sometimes twofold, if you look hard:

7_sometimes twofold, if you look hard

Of course, we all know what rainbows mean.


It’s a day of lakes…

9_it was a day of lakes, Lyman...

… Lyman Lake at Lyman State Park, Arizona, where I eat lunch and take a nap, and…

… Luna Lake, near Alpine, Arizona, in a cool and green region of mountains…

10_Luna Lake

…and Bill Evans Reservoir, as I near Silver City, my destination:

11_Bill Evans


It’s a day of forests…


Apache National Forest, near the Arizon-New Mexico border…

… and Gila National Forest:

13_more forests...


It’s a day of flowers:

14_and flowers


I know I’m not very good about the names of flowers.  I promise to work on that.

15_flowers2 17_flowers4





This one, I’ve been told, is an Indian Paintbrush:

21b_Indian bis

And these are called Blanket Flowers

22_Blanket flower1 22b_blanket flower2



I’ve seen this one before; I’d like to get a picture of it fully flowered.


And now it’s on to Silver City.

Spencer’s Hot Springs and the Toquima Cave

August 20th, 2014

I make my way to Spener’s Hot Springs, not far at all from Austin, in the Big Smoky Valley. But when I drive up to the springs, what do I see but this contraption:

30_young and old

And I think, aha, these people are going to Burning Man. The contraption in question is an art car. This one is disassembled, of course, to be transported to the festival in the Black Rock Desert. I chat with its owners as I, too, have been to Burning Man. That was in 2006. You can learn more about Burning Man here.


The main spring at Spencer’s looks like this:

4_main pool bis

There are other springs nearby, here and there among the sagebrush, such as this one:

11_nearby pool

With a second, and much cooler pool nearby, full of goldfish:

12_with gold fish in the runoff pool


I had a nice soak (several, in fact) and interesting conversation with the usual interesting collection of hot springs fans present, and a nice morning walk in the vicinity.

True to the spirit of the hot springs community, someone has made this maze:

6_someone has made this maze

…which leads to this offering:

7_that leads to this offering


But the best part is the tranquility of this place, and the view over Big Smoky Valley:

8_the view out across Big Smoky Valley

As I walked I took a few pictures of the local inhabitants…

10_jack rabbit, lower left, Katie...

…such as this jackrabbit that you can see on the lower left, if you look hard.

But it was soon time for me to go on to my next destination, up in the Toquima Range, in the Toiyabe National Forest, just a few miles distant:

13_on my way to my next destination

As I said, this forest demands a new definition of the word “forest”.

The road behind me and the road in front:

15_behind me 16_before me


But we soon meet the trees:



And I arrive at my destination:

19_I soon arrive at my destination

Shooting practice appears to be a big sport in these parts.

I find a campsite:

20_I find a campsite...

It’s a small, primitive campground, only four or five campsites, probably frequented mainly by hunters. I like it here, it’s so calm and peaceful.


Now I head off to the Toquima Cave and its drawings, a fifteen-minute walk away along an easy trail. As the trail progresses I like this forest more and more:

23a_as the trail progresses 23b_I like this forest more and more

We now approach the cave…

24_as I approach the cave..

… up these few steps…

25_the final steps

…we can’t go in…

26_but we can't go in

…but I can take pictures:

27_but I can still take pictures 28a_and pictures

28b_and more pictures - Copie 28c_and even more

From the information signs posted we learn that these drawings were intended to summon the spirits to bring good luck for the hunt and that no other message was intended.


28d_it is explained that...

Today this cave is a sacred site for the contemporary Shoshone people. You may want to zoom in to get a better view of these pictograms. Or look them up on Wikipedia here.


On the way back to the campground I take an interest in the trees, both young…

29_on the way back... 29b_I get interested

29c_in the different 29d_trees of this forest

…and old.

30a_young and ol 30b_as the old are sculptures

The old are like sculptures.

Back at the campground the evening is beautiful:

32b_closer up

As I said, I like it here. I have the whole place to myself.