My hat…

Hi everyone. I’m home in France now, trying to get over my jet lag. Re-reading some of my early posts, I realize that I’d promised you a post about how I organize things while travelling. One aspect of organization is keeping track of the more important items that I need to have on hand.


October 28th-29th, and all along these three months


You may have noticed my hat in some of my photos:

1_You may have noticed my hat.


Some of you probably recognize it as the hat I bought in the south of France last June:

2_Some of you will recognize it as...


Throughout my trip it has hardly left me, though here it is lying on the bed at Larry’s house:

3_My hat has hardly left me during these...


But it plays an important role in addition to keeping the sun off my face. It helps me to keep track of some very important items, such as the all-important key to Van:

6_including the all important key to Van...


My hat is where I stock a lot of important items when I’m camping somewhere…

4_But it plays an important role...

…or when I’ve checked into a motel: you can see here

So I always know where they are.


I’ve lost a few items on this trip. My bike chain and lock, the table that came with Van (I took it out and forgot to put it back, only to remember it a few hundred miles down the road), a mouse (I left it on the table in a Starbucks), and so on. But nothing really important. I dare to say that now that I’m safely home.

Now, where’s my hat?

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