Halloween scenes

Davis, California

October 26th

This morning I take a walk around the neighborhood to get a few pictures of the Halloween decorations that are now everywhere…

October 26 - Davis-Vallejo-Novato 010

…cobwebs, pumpkins…

1_Halloween a

…diverse denizens of the graveyard. Some sinister…


16_beware 14_bat

…and some quite jovial:


11_three ghosts

4_Halloween-pumpkins, scarecrow, cobwebs


It seems as though people go to much more trouble these days than when I was a child…

7_door scene 8_door scene skeleton

…with cobwebs as a big item…

10_door & cobwebs

…the occasional artifical jack o’lantern…

9_big phony jack o'lantern

…and autumn wreaths:



Is this witch stuck in this tree?

12_witch in tree


Some of the decor is rather harvest oriented:

5_pumpkins, Indian corn...


…and some is mainly harvest oriented:


But the real Halloween scenes will be this Friday evening as the streets fill with children in various disguises, going from house to house, asking for treats and threatening tricks. There will be many good opportunities for pictures. Alas, I will be on my flight home.


Yes, my travels are coming to an end, but there may be another post or two before I leave for France.

5 thoughts on “Halloween scenes

  1. Thanks again, John. I’m still very much enjoying your travels. Halloween looks quite similar here on the BC coast except that the weather is grey and wet. Do enjoy your last week of the trip. Safe travel back to France.


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