In Jamul and San Diego

Hi everyone,

With this post it looks as though I may indeed catch up to today’s date.


October 3rd to 7th

I’m in the town of Jamul in southern California, in the San Diego area, with my friends Fabienne and Wayne.

We spend Saturday taking a grand tour of San Diego, starting in the north and heading southwards through the beach communities of Solana Beach, Del Mar, Torrey Pines, La Jolla, La Jolla Shores, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Coronado and more… Wayne must have been exhausted by the end of the day. Here are Fabienne and Wayne at the Torry Pines Glider Port with the Pacific Ocean in the background. Those of you back home in Besançon and at the CLA may recognize Fabienne. She’s a bisontine (that is to say, from Besançon) and was once one of our students.

a1_Fabienne & Wayne at Torrey Pines...


Later that day we have lunch at Loew’s, a harbor resort south of Coronado…

a2_later that day, lunch at Loew's

…with a very nice view northward:

a3_the view from Loew's

Our waitress accepts to take a picture of the three of us.  Too bad we have the sun in our eyes:

a4_our waitress took...sun in eyes


At Nahrain’s Fish and Chicken Grill

In the evening we go out to dinner and I meet some of their friends, a most wonderful group of people:

b1_a most wonderful group of people

From left to right we have Chris, Wayne, Will, Arwa, Jeff (standing), Fabienne and Dennis.

Here’s the group minus Dennis who’s taking the picture:

b2_the group minus Dennis

(photo by Dennis)


Here’s Dennis now, charming the ladies:

b3_Dennis charming the ladies

(photo by Jeff, I believe)


Arwa has now selected our fish.  There was a lengthy discussion with the proprietor as to whether we should have two small fish or just one big one.

b4_Arwa selects our fish

(photo by Dennis)

Arwa shows us our bread:

b6_Arwa show us our bread

(photo by Dennis)


Wayne and Arwa have just concluded a pact…

b7_Wayne and Arwa have just concluded a pact, but...a

(photo by Dennis)


Here Wayne suddenly understands that he has committed himself to a trip to Mexico with Will and Arwa…

b8_...Wayne has only just understood...

(photo by Dennis)

…to Fabienne’s great amusement:

b9_to Fabienne's great amusement

(photo by Dennis)

A great evening and a great meal in great company.


On San Diego Bay

The next day Wayne takes me out on his boat, the Tender Lady:

c3TenderLady 2


(photo by Wayne)

c2_Tender Lady (2)


Captain Wayne:

c4_boating_Captain Wayne


First mate Dennis:

c5_first mate Dennis


The crew:

c6_the crew


The sole passenger, John:

c7_passenger John

(photo by Wayne)


The first mate hard at work:

c8_first mate Dennis at work


Once out on the bay we encounter some seals sunbathing on this buoy:

c9_on the bay_seals


Downtown San Diego appears in the distance:

c10_downtown San Diego_distance


The view beyond Coronado Island:

c11_downtown_beyond Coronado


The Spirit of San Diego overtakes us:

c12_Spirit of San Diego overtakes us


As we approach an aircraft carrier a small Naval Security vessel comes to greet us:

c13_aircraft carrier & security


The same carrier a few moments later. Apparently we’ve convinced security that we’re no threat:

c14_carrier later


We approach downtown:

c15_downtown approaches


Another carrier, the Midway, now a museum:

c16_another carrier_museum


At the foot of downtown:

c17_at the foot of downtown


The Star of India moored near downtown:

c18_the Star of India


San Diego International Airport is quite near and the planes come in very near and very low:



Back in the harbor the crew puts the Tender Lady back in her slip:

c20_back in port c21_the crew puts the TL to rest


The Cabrillo Monument

Later in the day Wayne and I go up to Point Loma and the Cabrillo Monument:

d1_me at the Cabrillo Monument


Cabrillo was this guy…

d2_Cabrillo was this guy...

…briefly introduced by this sign:

d3...this guy here...

I remember studying him in California history at school. You can learn more about him here.


Here I am looking through binoculars at the panorama of San Diego Harbor and Coronado Island:

d4_me again at the monument


A few of the views:

d5_panorama1 d6_panorama2

d7_panorama3 d8_panorama4


Back at the house in Jamul

The entrance to the house:

e1_entrance ches F & W


Needless to say, Fabienne and Wayne have plants…

e2_interesting plants that...

…that you don’t find just anywhere:

e4_....just anywhere


Such as this pepper tree:

e5_like this pepper tree

e6_pepper... e7_...berries


Such familiar plants as agave and prickly pear…

e8_agave and prickly pear, but...

…but this prickly pear appears to have only rudimentary spines:

e9_...this prickly pear... e10_appears to have only rudimentary spines


And numerous flowers:

e11_red flower

e12_orange flower e13_orange flower bis


And something that we do indeed frequently find elsewhere:

e12_garden elf


I’ve had a wonderful time here in San Diego, as you can well see. I feel as though I’ve discovered one of the great cities of my home state, with wonderful people and its own way of life. And I’m very grateful to Fabienne and Wayne for their hospitality and their friendship.

And here I’ll stop. I’m leaving Jamul tomorrow to begin slowly moving up the California coast.

I’m in no hurry.

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