Into New Mexico

September 8th, 2014

On leaving Chinlé yesterday I started falling asleep at the wheel so I took a motel room on Interstate Highway 40 as soon as I got that far.  I wanted to drive further, but it just wasn’t wise.

Today I’m refreshed and ready to travel again. This morning the sun greets me at the door:

1_sunrise looking east


Due east of here, New Mexico is calling.

I set off down highways 191…

2_down highways 191 and...

…and 180…

3_and 180

…into New Mexico…

4_into New Mexico

…with its sumptuous vistas and…

5_with its sumptuous vistas and skies

and skies…

8_of course, rainbows mean...

…full of promise.

6_full of promise...


Sometimes twofold, if you look hard:

7_sometimes twofold, if you look hard

Of course, we all know what rainbows mean.


It’s a day of lakes…

9_it was a day of lakes, Lyman...

… Lyman Lake at Lyman State Park, Arizona, where I eat lunch and take a nap, and…

… Luna Lake, near Alpine, Arizona, in a cool and green region of mountains…

10_Luna Lake

…and Bill Evans Reservoir, as I near Silver City, my destination:

11_Bill Evans


It’s a day of forests…


Apache National Forest, near the Arizon-New Mexico border…

… and Gila National Forest:

13_more forests...


It’s a day of flowers:

14_and flowers


I know I’m not very good about the names of flowers.  I promise to work on that.

15_flowers2 17_flowers4





This one, I’ve been told, is an Indian Paintbrush:

21b_Indian bis

And these are called Blanket Flowers

22_Blanket flower1 22b_blanket flower2



I’ve seen this one before; I’d like to get a picture of it fully flowered.


And now it’s on to Silver City.

One thought on “Into New Mexico

  1. Dear John, thank you for your superb photos and for letting me share your wonderful trip. I wish you a continuing beautiful journey and many happy encounters. All the best Alina x


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