Bryce Canyon National Park

August 30th & 31st

Leaving Capitol Reef, the open road follows a long ridge:

1_the open road towards Bryce...

If you look off one side of the road you see this:

2_on one side of the road...

And off the other side of the road you see this:

3_and on the other...

The road goes on towards Bryce Canyon National Park…

4_you can see where the road goes

…and the white rock begins to turn red.


Along the way, this vintage model Ford turns up…

5_along came this vintage model car

…with some jovial passengers…


5b_with some jovial passengers

…who happily allow me to take their picture.

5c_who pulled over to...

I believe they’re on their way to a gathering of vintage car owners that is to take place in Zion National Park. Several days later I see a large number of such cars arrive in Springdale, Utah one morning, heading into Zion Park, but I didn’t manage to take any pictures.


I arrive in Bryce Canyon rather late and set up camp:

6_I made it to Bryce rather late


The next day I take a long hike along the Rim Trail and the scenery of Bryce reveals itself…

7_and the next day, a wonderful scenery...


8_was revealed

…and again…

9_that just wouldn't stop


If Martians had cities…

10_if Martians had cities...

… I think they might look like this:

10b_I think they'd look like this


Small side canyons nearly reach the canyon rim:

11_somtimes narrow side canyons...


Southern Utah is beautiful:

12_southern Utah is so beautiful



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