In Montgomery Woods (1)

I got on my bike my first morning at Orr and rode two miles to Montgomery Woods, hoping to have a nice long ride among the redwoods. Everything started out just fine. The trail was pretty:



I quickly encountered a few giant redwoods:




To give you a better idea of their size, here’s a picture of the bike leaning against a stump:



I soon encountered a few funny sights, like this small tree bent over the trail:



But the next sight was a bit disconcerting at first. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, and I came to an abrupt halt when I saw this:



No problem, though, and so I went on my way.  But the trail soon got narrower:



And the forest got thinner:



Obstacles soon appeared:

8_Mont1_obstacles_appeared 9_Mont1_finally_got_so_bad


I decided to leave the bike and continue on foot. Here’s the bike looking forlorn and fearful where I chained it to a tree:



By now I was starting to think that I had make a mistake and that this place couldn’t be the real Montgomery State Reserve. And then I came upon this friendly sign, and another sign on the other side of the very same tree:

11_Mont1_friendly_sign 12_Mont1_other_side_of_same_tree


Notice the grafitti: “Walk along creek to parking lot”. So I turned back, picked up the bike and made my back to the road where I realized that I should have payed attention to some signals. This trashed and abandoned camper:



And this tacky sign:



Notice the name of then-governor Arnold Schwarzenneger. I’ve lived abroad so long that I sometimes forget that Schwarzenegger was actually California’s governor for a number of years, the state’s chief executive. The “governator”, as he was known.

Now I realize that I definitely made some mistake. There must be another entrance somewhere. So on I go, looking for the right place.

4 thoughts on “In Montgomery Woods (1)

  1. What a lovely way to share this trip, dear John. I just got on today, finally having some time after a week of friends visiting, and am caught up. You look good. Looking forward to more. Love, Lois


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