Heading north today

I’m heading north to Medocino County today, to Orr Hot Springs to be exact. I’ll be camping at a hot springs resort for a few days, my first experience actually camping with Van.

Here’s a picture of me that my brother Larry took as I left Davis, a little over a week ago, the official beginning of my road trip:


Notice my mountain bike, a Diamond Back that I bought in Redding back in 2010 while visiting my mother who still lived there then (she has since passed away). The bike is coming along with us on this trip and I plan to ride it a lot, especially in the national and state parks I’ll visit.

Here I am with the bike out back at the Flying Rock Ranch:

Bike 001

Now it’s time for me to pack up Van. I won’t have any internet access for the next few days, but I’ll post again as soon as I return to civilization.

To those of you back home in France, I hope your weather is good.

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