These last few days…

I’ve been staying here at the Flying Rock Ranch near Santa Rosa, California:

house, back

barn, facing the yard

My quarters are in the barn, above the garage.

My friends Debbie and Cheryl:

Debbie and Cheryl  at restaurant

And last Sunday my brother Tim and his wife Ann-Marie had a party for their 25th wedding anniversary.  On this occasion they renewed their vows.

My nephew Isaak introduces his parents:

Isaak introduces his parents

The vows:

vows - Tim and Ann-Marie

Tim and Ann-Marie the next day, standing in front of Van as we parted company:

Tim, Ann-Marie and Van

The real road trip is coming soon folks, but for the moment I’m visiting family and friends.  That’s important.

One thought on “These last few days…

  1. Thanks, John!
    The photos are spectacular and the text is great to read. I particularly enjoyed seeing the photo of our Hutchins classmates.
    It was good to talk today. I’ll try to keep in touch as you travel. Perhaps we’ll meet up in October, possibly my next trip to California.
    Jon Baylis


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